Monday, July 8, 2013

Cameron highlands Wedding!

Hey y'all ! Time to revive my bloggie! This weekend I went to Cameron Highlands to attend my yiyi's (aunt's) wedding. We left for the trip on Friday, as soon as I got home from school and showered, that means no lunch :( i knoww it's sad!

In da car! >:)

my bro and i

Bunch of retards cam-whoring in the car! haha after about an hour of driving, we stopped at a rest-stop and ate.... BURGER KING!!! Gahh! I don't have any pictures from burger king cause i was too hungry... xD After that, we continued our journey and arrived at our aunt's small apartment in Cameron highlands (because hotels are too mainstream). At  about 12am  i think  haha :)  

Playing PS2 

The "i dont give a shit" face
 The next day, we cant wake up! Exhausted!

That's me LOL cold! 

Everyone's sitting around

Little girl eating bread! xD

Blue skies x)

Saturday morning, we had our breakfast and headed to the town. Reminiscing about all the times we came to  Cameron as kids with our cousins.... x') haha we went to the park that we did during our childhood! damn we've grown xD 
macam yes with my nike track suit and bag hahahaha


me : i can see you jowie....

stop it jowie... im warning you...

Getting real tired of your shit, rise peasants!  


hahahaha these retarded people are my cousins and my sisters <3 p="">
And look my my beloved cousin calvin gave me on this special day :)
ohh yeahh there's nothing better than getting your skin ripped out by someone's foot x)
and he got me ice from a ice kacang seller hahahah 
We woke up early to for the tea ceremony! The atmosphere was beautiful not to mention freaking cold, we arrived when the bride was still getting ready so we cam-whored a lot hehehe 

going to heaven...
oh gosh im flying... the warm sun...

oh so cold!

the lovely couple :D

little flower girl
taaa daaa 

tea ceremony!! 

and we went back to their house
 After that we went back to the apartment and rested xD Some of us slept, and we left the house again at 5pm for the wedding dinner :D we arrived wayyyy to early so we went to a mamakdang hahaha we look so weird, wear so nice to mamakdang! xD

my cousin, calvin and karmun :D

me and wong jowie xD

lengluis at mamakdang! xD

eating fried chicken in a bow tie 

me and my little sis 

My hair looks so brown! credits to the chicken lighting behind me hahahha! 

jowie and joern!

goh eunice

outfit of the day 
 Okay, there are more pics but i'm so lazy to upload soooo it ends here >:)
we ate a bunch of food at the dinner and i dedicated a song to them  (hero by mariah carey) I know my voice isn't that good, but it's the thought that counts! :) we finished our food , said our goodbyes and went back to the apartment. And went home around 9, reached home at 2 am AND THAT'S WHY I DIDN'T GO TO SCHOOL ON MONDAY :D

thanks for reading byebyeeee

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