Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Hello to the girl or boy in front of the computer! :) 

As if you don't know, today is a so-called special day because it's 12.12.12. Don't know why everyone's making such a big deal out of it. Actually what difference is it ? You're still in front of the computer facebooking or twittering random shit and wishing strangers happy 12.12.12 like a retard OR if you're those socializing types that is out celebrating with "friends" that you secretly really hate because you're jealous of them. (okay or maybe that's just my perspective) xP 

Yeah, yeah i know i sound like a sour puss right now, killing everyone's mood. But i don't mean for it lorh. Wanna know how my 12.12.12 day went? ............ ....I'm gonna tell you anyway! It started at 10.30 when I woke up in my hotel room in Genting Highlands with my family! well... not all the members :( my brother Eugene and my Sister Eunice couldn't make it T^T they had their studies and what not~ being college students sound hard @@ Jiayou SPM graduates!!! Anyway, woke up blablabla ate some unexciting food... and uhmmm OH YA! A New store just opened there, on this very day it's called "Tangs" and there was a sale HUGE sale to be exact, all the brands like Soda, VKI, Larries and Paul frank. that's all I can remember, but I bought 3 gorgeous  pairs of shoes. Hey! don't judge me, I called it CNY (Chinese new year) shopping xD Bought some clothes the day before at Padini Concept store and Diesel. Believe me if I had more money and if my mum wasn't paying everything I would buy more .___. (I don't have a problem okay?)

Diesel's plastic bag is too ugly sooo no picture of it! xD 

my style :3 
After shopping with mummy, we went home. not immediately lahh, we went to adjust my specs cause they were kinda loose and i know it's kinda stupid but that was my favourite part of the day xD 

And here's some random pics of me, because I'm just THAT vain x)
Try opening your eyes as wide as possible infront of a camera flash 

really no caption .__.

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