Sunday, July 30, 2017

Spend only RM28 at Shogun with 8exicite

Good day to you my fellow cheapskates! 

If you reading this blog post right now, it means that you are just like the majority of the population in Malaysia. Money saving cheapskates. Who ever said that was a bad thing? It just means we know how to spend wisely. 

Now, The first thing you gotta do is to look out for this purple sign.  Download the app "8excite" on google play or app store, and viola you're half way done!

8excite is mobile app that can be used to purchase voucher for almost anything from F&B to theme park tickets and even beauty care like massages and hair treatment. Hence, you can even dine in a  FULL BUFFET for only RM28 @ Sunway Pyramid Shogan.

Eating alone is never fun, so grab your eating buddy and buy a voucher now! 

The first thing we noticed when we walked into the restaurant was the Sashimi. It was like a dream come true, eating as much Sashimi as I wanted for such an affordable price. Am I in heaven? Fresh fish? What's not to love?

I'm going to let the food speak for itself.



A variety of soups? How about yes!

I scream for Ice-cream?

My Overall Thoughts on Shogun Sunway Pyramid

I wasn't satisfied with the food quality and the cleanliness of the restaurant. I noticed that the restaurant seemed to be slightly understaffed. This may be the core reason why the plates and cutlery were carelessly washed. The food wasn't bad but it wasn't good either. The sushi's rice that they served was close to uneatable, it was hard and stuck together like it was a cake. The edamame (japanese beans) were soggy and tasteless. The baked cheese oysters tasted more like mayonnaise than cheese, the miso soup didn't even taste like how it's supposed to. Not to mention there was a small cockroach in the dessert refrigerator. Their main problem is that they are understaffed and they are serving TOO MANY things. They cant quality check all of their food in time because they serve a large variety of food (japanese, korean, local etc).

Would I come back? No

Not trying to throw any shade to 8excite or Shogun, I'm just telling it as it is. I'm not sure but maybe these problems only happen for the sunway branch? Besides, 8excite has plenty of other deals on their app to try out. I'll probably try my luck on other deals. Regardless of the quality, I gotta admit RM28 is still pretty darn affordable for a buffet. 

I got food poisoning a day later.
I'll leave that story for a different blog post, stay tuned.

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