Monday, December 2, 2013

2013 review & cousins day!

Heyy readers! Happy December! Less than 30 days till 2014, have you guys fulfilled your 2013's new year's resolution ? And i don't mean this
as in picture resoloution. get it? 
I mean, your goal for 2013, cause if you haven't you better finish it soon. haha , I have no regrets for 2013. I mean it has it's ups and downs but overall it was my best year so far :)
~ I successfully joined the drama team in my school, and made it to state levels!
~ I successfully joined the Sidang Redaksi (editorial board, like a year book committee)
~ I kinda improved on my grades. .____.
~ I broke my promise to stop dating
~ My dear doggy lassie passed away :(
~ I had a rockin' surprise party at school by my friends. (So touched :') )
~ I extracted my tooth and am still on the waiting list for my braces
~ I had an awesome time at camp
~ friendship drama @@

So many things happen this year, I'm really thankful. A year has passed and my PMR is over, results are coming out and i'm so nervous. I don't think i did well at all. I really don't need I can meet my goal. But there's no use crying over spilled milk, I just have to move on and do my best for SPM!!

So besides having end-of-the-year-fever , Yesterday was one of the only day my cousins and family was free !! It was memorable, we partied like crazy. I mean, wholesome partying! Like soft drinks 4 large pizzas and mcdonald fries haha. We all spent the night and my cousin's house while the folks went karaoke-ing ! I think i'll let the pictures tell the story! :)
Otw there! 

he usually doesn't look like that, i just caught him at the wrong time haha

DINNER!! haha check out calvin's taking-pictture pose 

K-drama The Inheritors for me with Joern's mac ! just started omg


Selfie! see how light it is! 


In Jowie's room, the girl beside me is Joern! 
 So while we were lounging in the room, guess what the guys were doing? hahaha it's really obvious! DOTA 2 and CS. their house became a cyber cafe for a night!

We went to bed at like 2-3 am

taaaa daaaaa!
Well that's all for now! byebyee

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