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Things to eat in Kuching Sarawak!

Hey guys and gals! 
In this blog post, I'm gonna elaborate more on the food that I ate on my trip to Sarawak! If you want to watch my Vlog on my first day there click here!

As you can see, one can only edit so much of a video. Most of the important facts that i wanted to talk about from my Kuching trip can't really be explained through video. So I've decided to dedicate a blog post about it. Oh, and I might as well revive my dead blog. P/s it's been dead for over 4 years 

DAY 1:
After settling into my friend's house, we decided to get lunch at

My friends told me there would be a lot of yummy dishes to eat but unfortunately it was a public holiday (1/2/2017) so most of the stalls weren't open. :( However we did get to try some food.

Goreng Pisang, Ais Kacang and 
Sugarcane Water with Coconut flesh
Weirdly enough this Ais kacang is called "white lady" but I'll get into that in a bit. Price wise, it's pretty affordable. The drinks were RM1.80/cup and it was so refreshing!

A mixture of fruits and vegetables topped off with some crushed nuts and tangy spicy sauce their's include taufu pok and char kuey
RM4 - RM5 

Gong Piah
Gong piah is a similar concept with a Char Siew Bao. However, It's deep fried bun filled with minced meat and topped with sesame seeds. I like how it looks like a chocolate filled doughnut.  :3
RM 1 / Piece *WHAAAAT* where can you even find RM1 stuff nowadays?!

Ais Kacang (Malaysian shaved ice)
Personally, I don't enjoy Ais Kacang or ABC because I've always found them to be too sweet but I love trying new things so i gave it a shot. Besides, the Ais kacang in Kuching is significantly cheaper than the ones in KL.
Kuching - RM2.20/bowl
Kuala Lumpur - RM4 - RM5/bowl

White lady 
Sweet milky ice filled with Longan watermelon and pineapple slices,  nata de coco and topped with lemony syrup. It was a very refreshing dessert, not too sweet and perfect for a hot day.

a slightly sour Ais Kacang with lime, longan, cincau and cendul.

MILO Kacang
I personally couldn't accept this. Milky Shaved Ice, Red beans and MILO POWDER! I didn't really taste it sooo I'm not too sure what it's like.

Belacan Bihun
It has a very strong fresh taste. I recommend this if you love seafood and the smell of the ocean. The belacan isn't too spicy either. This dish has bihun served in belacan soup topped with century eggs, sliced cucumbers, squid and belacan sauce.

 Root beer, because we are good kids :)
It's not hard to find restaurants that serve pork. Plus, there isn't a "not halal" sign to be found! :O

 Pork Chop with Chicken

Beef with coleslaw and fries

Fun fact: Sarawak does not have any factory bread eg: Gardenia, Massimo, High 5. 

(They actually do but it's very overpriced) 
Therefore, most of their bread are homemade or by local bakeries.

KGB is owned by a Malay uncle and he's really friendly. His stall offers beef, chicken and LAMB burgers. YES, I SAID IT. LAMB! Where in KL can you find Lamb Ramly Burgers huh? Their burger patties are homemade too. Unfortunately, the lamb burgers were sold out. So I got myself a beef burger. IT WAS DELICIOUS. RM 5 - 6/ burger

DAY 2:

No, this isn't WanTan Mee. This is Kuching's signature Kolo Mee. It doesn't has the signature black salty sauce that Wantan mee has, instead it has red kind of sweet Char Siew sauce combined with boiled noodles and topped with minced meat and MORE CHAR SIEW :D

Durian credits to Patricia because these are her home grown ones *whaaaaat* 
What's better than eating durian? EATING DURIAN BY THE BEACH HUN!
Thank you Kenneth for opening them for us !

Sunny Hill Ice-Cream

This Little Ice-cream shop is located beside a primary school and if i'm not mistaken they donated some of their profit to charity? Taste wise, hmm it's really milky? it's not really my cup of tea but you have to decide for yourselves it's quite famous and there are other flavours too. The flavours of the day were Vanilla and Strawberry

Monday, Tuesday - Strawberry
Wednesday - Friday - ??? (I don't remember)
Saturday, Sunday - Chocolate
Closed every friday at 3.30pm

After all that snacking, we skipped lunch and went straight to

above the wet market there is a hawker centre with lots of food! 

ManiCai Bihun (Mani 菜)
RM 4.50 - RM5.50

Beef Noodle Soup


Bing! is a Starbucks-like kind of cafe. They serve coffee, muffins and other cafe stuff and their pricing is around the same as any franchise coffee shop. My friends (who are locals)  raved about their brownie ever since we got to Kuching and we had to try them to see what was so special. 

DAY 3:

Sarawak Laksa

 Mee Jawa 

Teh C Beng ( 3 layer tea) -
3 layers are: red tea, evaporated milk, gula Melaka

FUN FACT: Did you know, Teh C beng originated from Kuching?

Fried Prawn Cakes (虾饼)

Bak Kut Teh
Tbh Klang bak ku teh is better haha. Apparently this Bak ku teh Franchise originated from KL. *opps*  Not the best I've had. 

Saigon Fusion @ Carpenter Street
Yummy and soft beef.


Round 1
The lok lok there is rather expensive. Around the same as KL i guess?

Chicken Ass
Yes, you heard correctly. CHICKEN ASS. To be honest, it tastes no different from normal fried chicken. My friends tried to trick us to eat it by saying it's just normal chicken haha true enough it does taste like normal chicken.

Air Mata Kuching
Funny thing is, the people there just call it "air mata" instead of "air mata kuching" because we're already in Kuching. Get it?


Round 2
No, I can't accept this. Shinyi (my KL friend) said she likes the taste but I just can't. The tomato wantan is nice when it's still crispy, just don't let it soak in the sauce too long because no one likes a soggy wantan


Round 3
Ice-cream topping with Apong sugar and a topping of your choice. It's perfect if you have a sweet tooth like me! It opens till 3am if I'm not mistaken.....

 But who would want ice-cream at 2am?


Round 4
They call porridge "moi" in Kuching. KL people call chinese girls "moi". Dear sarawakian Chinese girls that came to KL, did you ever get shocked when Malay uncles call you "moi"??

DAY 4:

Kway Zap
Not my favourite, in fact it felt kinda strange to me. I'm sure we have this in KL as well but I don't think I'll try this again. It's basically a very big piece of kueyteow in an describable dark  soup. Maybe you guys would like it but it's just not for me.

On a side note...

I've tasted instant noodle kampua before when my dad bought some back from  his business trip to Kuching. IT WAS SO GOOD EVEN AS INSTANT NOODLES. We forgot to ask the stall owner to put the yummy black sauce on the Kampua mee so it tasted kinda bland :(

Souvenirs for Home!

KEK LAPIS (Sarawak Layer Cake)
Chocolate Oreo chip and Honeydew flavour
The honey dew one really taste like you're eating a honey dew! I love them both, kinda pricy but worth it in my opinion. 


My friends said this is a MUST TRY stall. The uncle who owns the stall has been in business since 1962. AMAZING right? He's really friendly too, he always makes conversation with his customers. Besides that, he also recommends Ais Kacangs based on how you look. For example

Uncle: hmmm you look like a person who would like an Angela baby.
Me: what???

Angela Baby
If you're like me and you hate corn in your Ais Kacang. This is perfect for you! Angela Baby is a milky Ais kacang with mango slices, sago and DEFINITELY NO CORNI was pleasantly surprised! This uncle also invented many other cute named Ais Kacang for example...

Ben 10
You'll never guess what's inside...

邓紫棋 (G.E.M)
Milky Ice with papaya slices, sago and red beans

I definitely want to come back here on my next trip! The food was the best part of the trip and I'm so thankful for my Sarawakian friends, Sam, Chungsheng, Kenneth & Patricia for showing Shinyi and I around. They're the best hosts I could ever ask for!! <3 div="" nbsp="">

That's all from me for now! Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong about anything in my post in the comment section below! 

And if you have any questions, I'd be glad to answer them too. C:


  1. Now I am thinking for a trip to Sarawak .... so hungry now.

  2. I like how some of yr pix are gifs! More interesting to read/watch :D

    1. Heheh thank you I actually made gifs because i forgot to take pictures and luckily i had videos hahah 🙈