Thursday, August 9, 2012



Everyone has been disappointed one time or another, it;s cause our expectations are too high. For me, disappointment now is about my exam results *sigh* My expectations were set to the minimum yet still disappointed. :(  Oh well, shit happens but life goes on! No point crying over spilled milk.Should try studying! imaginary me : yeah... right~~

me : speaking of english...(interrupted)
imaginary me : wait wha? who was talking about english?!
me : erm it was a figurative speech dumbass.
imaginary me ; hey! that hurt attention seeker! :'(
me : what? So i can't even insult myself without getting called names by myself? D:
imaginary : well duhhh! i thought you knew that .___.

*imaginary me*
jk  (when i was younger) haha i was so tired then.
 So as you can see imaginary me is still a kid, don't listen to her :P (imaginary me :HEY!) hehe shut up girl!
So as i was saying before i was rudely interrupted! Speaking of English, it's an important subject. and i admit i still have problems with .__. #OhMyEnglish Malaysians including my family and i should watch more of that show, if they have problems with English lahhh~ xD

Anyways! I'm not trying to lcly with my English :P Just think we should all learn better English. LOL i sound like those lecturers or teachers xD

That's all for now! TATA!
thanks for reading :))

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