Sunday, November 4, 2012


      I can't take it anymore. don't you think my font is a little bit.. hmm.. i don't know...TINY?! Ah whatever, what the hell right? Sooo Hello to the dork reading my dorky blog!!! :DDD And i'm not trying to be a overly perasan bitch that i hate, but... I CAN BE A FREAKING MEME!!!  Cause i've been thinking if i ever get famous the most likely reason is i become a meme. 

      And look what i did! i changed the font, isn't this better? it is right? Okay i'm gonna officially make this my new font. Hello world! :D Haih, i was editing the templates to my blog a few days ago and thought, damn i've changed so much! It's been a long time since i felt the need to laugh and sumo wrestlers jumping, I'm no socializing that much anymore and I've fallen out of love with big bang. Guess i'm maturing? Nahh, can't be. bigbang is still awesome! xD

     Hate it! But it's okay, because i'm still the old Euwern/Wendy. speaking of which, i would like it if people i'm not so familiar call me Wendy instead of Euwern. Because.. uhmm just do it kay?  I'm so awesome!! LOL you're such an attention seeking bitch Wendy. YEA... Says the one that has 2 names, take that Euwern. Confusing right? I know, Wendy is a bitch. (HEY!!) 

    eh~其实~ do you people understand my lame posts? .__. because it's all confusing and stupid, sometimes i feel like it doesn't make any sense . whatever~ for me to write 爽 only x) read or not i don't really care. (no offence)

       SO ANYWAYS, today i went to the UTARRRRRRR trekathon. lol "Trekathon" real word? o.O  Haha anything goes~ >:3 Here's the pichas

P/S : all the pictures of me look fat and ugly so here's my family, MUAHAHA xD

Caption :
We came here to win this shit. 

Caption :
Told you i'd win this university run! >:)

Let's play a game of find Wendy! :D
 Can't find her? she's right.............


Look at all the food they gave us O__O
 thanks for reading! FYI, my little sis, ee got 3rd place and my cousin jinjin got 3rd too (for girls and guys) 

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