Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A New Beginning.

Daaaaayyyuuuuum! it's been so long since i updated! i bet everyone that use to read my blog is dead now .____. paiseh ahhh! *crickets sing* meeeeep~~ So, since it's been sooooo freaking long since i updated! It's time for an introduction again! :)) Time for a new beginning! In.... the... middle of the year .___. ... fucklogic! i'm a girl! #girllogic xD

My name is Goh Eu-Wern, But most people call me Wendy. Because i told them to. xD
Hmm, i'm 14 this year! i guess i started bloging at the age of 9 or 10? But i don't update as frequent as you think, THAT'S WHY i'm not as popular as my sister goheunice, and i'm betting that some of you reading this just misspelled her web address, that's the reason why you're here! AHA! correct lehhh! :P
So anyway, i am a girl bla bla bla~ you know the rest. Nice to meet you invisible people! xD

As you can see from my previous post, my hair has grew a lot <-- too proper! *ehem* MY HAIR LONG DY!!!!!! Love that awesome feeling! xD

Anyways, my parents and little sis left for bejing. I miss them so much! TT Y U NO BRING ME? I miss you guys so much! :(
Monday afternoon at the airport!

We said our goodbyes

*freaking emotional chick* :'(  Thank you for reading my blog! 
no promises on when the next update will be! ;3 stay tune! PEACE!
BYEBYE :3 sayonara! anyong! goodbye! 再见! au revoir! despedida! 
okay you know my secret! it's all google translated except korean japanese english and mandarin xD 

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