Friday, July 7, 2017

A'pieu X Rilakkuma BB Cushion & Blusher

I finally decided to edit and post my review on a product I received in March. Yes girls and boys, MARCH. This is procrastination to a new level. Anyway, this is the video i was talking about.

Clearly, someone doesn't know what "too much makeup" is. However I hope my commentary made it a bit more entertaining to watch. 

My overall thoughts on the BB cushion is
  • It was too fair for my skin tone
  • It has higher coverage than other BB creams I've used.
  • Easy to use
  • The sponge in the compact was really soft
  • It's adorable!
  • It has a lot of product
As for the Cushion Blusher
  • I loved the colour pigmentation
  • It was hard to control (because it's liquid)
  • The sponge in the compact was kinda hard (idk why)
  • The puff was tiny and cute af

Shout out to because this was a giveaway gift from them

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