Saturday, August 12, 2017

How to create a short story video

Based on my experience from my video assignment.
These are my steps on how to create a short video if it's for your assignment.

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After a stressful week of chasing the deadlines to assignments and preparing for the presentations, I finally have a short weekend to blog about what I want: my video assignment "Digital Relationship". I am still an amateur video maker, hence our production name being "newbie production". but after creating this short video, I feel like I've learnt a lot and I hope this post can help other newbies. 

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Introduction about me

  • This is my first semester of my degree life. 
  • I'm studying at University Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) 
  • Bachelor's degree in communication, Broadcasting.

Step 1: Team Up
Choosing a team is very important, you need to get people whom you have similar timetables with or else it's gonna be very difficult to plan a day to film. For my video assignment, my lecturer teamed us up randomly. Luckily for me, my group mates are all awesome people that work hard.

Look for people that you are comfortable with working with and are not afraid to share ideas with.
Step 2: Allocate Jobs
Your team wont know what to do if they are not told. Discuss with them and allocate their jobs together to prevent any conflict.

Our Crew
Wendy Goh (Me) - Director
Grace Chung - Producer
Arthur Kiing - D.O.P
Allision Tan - Editor
Alixia Ong - Art Director
Vivian Yu - Talent Manager

Remember that your position is flexible and you can always help each other out. 

Our Cast
Maggie Goh - Main actress
Leo Lk - Main actor 
Goh Eunice - Supporting role
Stella Lee - Supporting role
Benjamin Lu - Supporting role
Director of photography ready to roll
Step 3: Prepare!
You know that the universe has a way of shitting on your plans right? So you gotta be prepared for the worst.
  • Get a camera
  • Write a script
  • list out the props needed
  • Plan the time and date for each scene
  • Plan the locations for each scene.
  • Ensure that your cast are available on filming dates
  • Schedule breaks in between to prevent exhaustion
Step 4: Film The Video
If you followed step 1 correctly, this step will be easier. Trust your D.O.P and crew. As a director you should make sure everything is going as planned and help when it is needed.
Communicate with your actors, ensure that they are comfortable with the shot

Check your footage during breaks to ensure that the angle and other aspects are acceptable

Bring appropriate props and use a mic if you have one
Play with the angles
Don't be afraid to look stupid

Most importantly have fun!!

Step 5: Edit it!
It's really easy , just follow these steps:
  • get a good editing software
  • sacrifice your time and sleep
  • edit it a thousand times 
  • show it to your lecturer for feedback
  • re-edit a thousand times 
  • get sick and tired of your own video
  • finish it and die in peace 
Step 6: upload it
Upload it, share it and annoy the hell out of your friends and family by sharing it. 
I still need 2,000 likes btw click on this link to watch the video!

That's all from me! thanks for reading and Ciao!


  1. what are your recommendations on editing software though. can i hire you to edit my videos. i want to be a youtuber but domt know how yo work a camera hahahahah

    1. Hi! I'm not really offering my services at the moment as I'm still an amateur. You should just try your best, that's what I'm doing :)