Wednesday, September 4, 2013



This first paragraph will be dedicated to my beloved, sleep i know we cant see each other as often but i want you to know that i need you and miss you dearly  ♥

Today was like any other week day, LACK OF SLEEP! I sleep about 6 hours a day and NO that is not enough for my 15 year-old body to handle. See the thing is, I love sleep. I've slept for 15 hours straight once, I could've slept longer but then i'd miss lunch. ( Yes i love food too) I'll sleep in on weekends, the latest was 3pm but I haven't slept that long in a while. Anyway I know it's really ironic how I'm writing this post at 11pm while i'm complaining about how sleep deprived I am. Well here's another fact about me, i am a complainer, I can complain about almost anything. It's so stupid of me that I chose a tuition center that starts from 7.30pm and ends at 10pm! I cant stand it, i dont know how some people go a day with only 3 hours of sleep! GOSH! I have dark eye circles! and I'll be waking up at 5.30am  tomorrow morning!

But that's not the worst of it, today's #COMPLAINT OF THE DAY is about my life, today was horrendous! I kept having flashbacks on everything I did, mistakes, regrets, choices everything! It just makes me wanna sleep until it's all over. (To people who think I'm just a attention seeking girl: HI do you know me? if you do, ever since my secondary school years started have i ever once blabbed out my feelings?) No, I do not L.O.A. (lack of attention) I just wanna get everything off my mind. And I've heard blogging can improve my English, so it's a win for both. Anyway, in my 3 years of experience in secondary school I've FINALLY realize that I can't i must'n and i don't want to like anyone. (for now) *And after a bit of self consulting* I think I'm safe to say that my past will not define me, like Alfred Lord Tennyson once said 'Tis better to loved and lost than to never to have loved at all".

Well that's all i have to say, thank you for reading this! 
I am bored, and sleepy
goodnight bye! 

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