Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Life :)

My birthday is over! and i haven't updated anything about it!
i think my blog is dying! xD And my life is still same, BORING.

Haih sad!! :(
Exams again!! Luckily it's almost over!! :D And then we can PLAY!! By the way, did i mention my family went to Desa Water Park a week ago, i went too but i didn't go into the water because of "some reasons". :(

Look at them, having fun while i take pictures! That's Just SICK! >:( Meanies! Next week I WILL BE THE ONE LAUGHING AND HAVING FUN!!! You will rue that day. YOU'LL RUE IT!! Haha, all jokes aside i really should be studying, BUT we all have things we SHOULD be doing. x) I'm a teenage girl what kind i do? Procrastinating is my nature. :33

weird looking feet, i know @@
Holidays are coming soon! Everyone good luck in your exams! <3 :)

To tell you the truth, i can't help but feel useless. :/
My life feels meaningless and i don't know what to do with my life!

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