Saturday, February 11, 2012

My Galaxy W rocks :DD

I'm just gonna skip to the point :) i made a new video! - 2ne1's Lonely :D
Remember to watch, rate comment and Subsrcibe xD We had a lot of fun making it! hope u enjoy :DD

Anyways! besides that xP I BOUGHT A NEW PHONE!!
Samsung Galaxy Wonder <3 But i called it Galaxy Wendy!! It's WHITE!!

I love my Little Phoney!! x) It's Awesome, but i don't know why so fast no battery :( I think it's cause i constantly play with my phone!! xP Silly me! Lovely phone <3 it's Processor is FAST >:DD but still will lag if i open too many things x)) WELL i have nothing else to say about my phone except it's amazing! <3 AND QUITE CHEAP for an android phone :DD 

Done blogging now ;) 
Wendy signing out! A picture i look with my Phonny x) using Retro camera app.