Friday, February 24, 2012


Hey beautiful people :)

Isn't my blog pretty?? It's all thanks to my pretty sister Eunice :DD Ya la, gotta "pai ma pi" a bit la x) But, it's worth it >:D

besides all that, i went to Midvalley with Eyin and Jing ru :DD I had so much fun with them :) We went SHOPPING in heels .___. feet damn freaking pain! Cause they walk so freaking fast D: WHAT LA?! Don't judge me. Try walking for 6 hours in Midvalley in heels while everyone is walking like they're in a freaking marathon. And i had to -pokerface- and act like i wasn't hurting xP

We went shopping at a few stores, like Nichi, Mango, padini blablabla and a few shoe stores cause Eyin wanted to buy heels! LOL i know what you're thinking! SO TALL still wanna buy heels? Girls are fa qiao wan ma~ x) It's our nature!

After shopping for a bit we ate.... WAIT FOR IT....... Carl's Junior :DD We're fatties x) I Love Carl's junior double western bacon cheeseburger!! It's so fattening but delicious >:))
*Choir sings* LAAAAAAA
 Looks yummy right? But in reality it's not even half as pretty. OHHH WELL!! Malaysia marhh~ Still tasty though x) Mwuahhaha Look at this cute french fries "box :33
" Real Potatoes were harm in the making of this product"
just the way it is :D

So After eating fatty food, We continued shopping.... UNTIL Eyin's dad said he wanted to go home .___. So we walked to the door and saw.... that it was RAINING :DD So we could shop a little longer :33 So we went to Nichi AGAIN! Cause i bu gan yan!! Jing ru bought heels and a dress, Eyin bought heels so i MUST buy something! YES I HAVE ISSUES!! I bought a pretty dress x)

I'm not gonna say the price :X We went to Eyin's house after that, and gossip and chat about people xD GIRLS MA~~  x) then i went home THE END.

TAAA DAAAA!! What i wore >:D

What Eyin wore >:)

Act cute face FAIL xD

ME and JING RU!!


Over all, i had an awesome day x) Thanks for reading!
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