Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My PD trip x)

Bored again, so i'm just gonna blog :) ehem, here is goes.....

Dear dairy,  I am awesome! yeah i know i'm perasan, but it's true. :D but the down side is.....i'm kinda bitchy and i bet lots of people hate me and to top it off i'm not smart, i would say stupid but i don't want to xP So Holidays have begun woohoo! And my sis's SPM is OVER!! YAY! We were suppose to go to Hong Kong DisneyLand but instead we went to Port Dickson over all it was DAYUUM FREAKING FUN x) Mwuaahhaha i pokai lots of times this week!! RAWHHHH!!

1st and 2nd time was while i was cleaning the house with my family, the stupid piece of wood scratched my leg!! HATE YOU! You useless piece of wood! All you do is sit there and plank all day!! 3rd time was when erm i forgotten when xDD All i know is that every one of them hurts like a bitch!! >:(

see all the gross pics ba~ xP

btw this is my Elbow,  the angle makes it look like a knee xD

Now let me talk about my trip :)
NAHHHHH i'm too lazy x) I'll just show you the pics >:D
We checked in at Thistle Hotel x) Btw if you want more details and pics, i'll give u my sis's blog link with the whole story :) cause i'm a lazy girl 

  Then we went swimming!! look at the beautiful pool =D only at 1 angle xD so kelian larhhhh

After swimming we went STRAIGHT TO THE BEACH!! OHHHH YEAHHHHH so wu liao xD

 See that pretty girl over there? me neither xD mwuhahahaha making an ugly castle xD

 HAHHAHAHAHAHAH look at my sis!! we turned her into a mermaid!! Beautiful hor? x) u gotta admit it's awesome awww yeahhhh....... x)

After playing we were damn hungry!! :OOSo we went to a Chinese Restaurant called?? Something larhh forgotten dy xD Aiya~ no pictures from the restaurant D: 

And of course this is me x) perasan as always <3
 At the Restaurant!! only i pic xD
I like the wind in my hair >:D
The next say.......
Finally,  we visited the beach 1 last time x( byebye

LOOK!!! it's my LOGO!!! x) SUPER W!!!
Walk walk walk...........


Haha thanks for reading my random post!! x)
www.goheunice.blogspot.com << my sis's blog read the full version x)
Wendy signing out ;)

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