Monday, November 7, 2011

Time flies when your having fun :)

5th November 2011 Saturday
So my day at ioi past by so fast, i had so much fun singing at Redbox, bowling and just wandering around ioi with friends :) We sang our lungs out at Redbox, haha i bet the people in the next room felt annoyed xD We got free lunch buffet too!! Mwuahhaha gonna be a fatty xDD Haha, after Redbox we went bowling LOL! i got a strike!!Sounds impossible right? xD Anyway, even though it was just luck i was, and still am freaking happy xD Trolololo, fuck yeahhh xDD. After playing so much, we go Yam cha xDD I think the place was called "sense cafe" hehe it's a really cute place to sit and watch a live show, there was a singer and a pianist they were quite loud, so it was hard for us to talk =3= . And just like that, 6hours was over .___. We all had to go home T^T a few of my friends didn't have transport, so i asked my dad to drive them home! Thanks dad :) well, then we had to go to Giant to buy a few things for the family gathering at my house. That's it, that awesome day, over :( hope we could go there again.....sorry no pics :(

6th November 2011 Sunday
My family and i went to my cousin, Joern's house. We were gonna make a cover of "break even by the script" covered by "Jayesslee". Joern is a die-heart Jayesslee fan, she even bought front-row seats to a Jayesslee concert when they came to Malaysia. So anyway, it was too noisy so we had to sleepover. YAY xD So now we already made the video editing it now :) it will be posted on Youtube REALLY REALLY SOON :D Please be patient and wait thank you! << Here's our youtube acc subscibe thank you! 

that's all BYE 
sorry no pics :(

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