Friday, November 4, 2011

My awesome day ♥

*Sigh* Bored and Emo-ing o__o.......Nobody's here for me to talk to, so i'm forever alone troll again :') So i'll have to blog >:D
Hehehe Btw, I'M FREE!!!!Exams ARE OVER!!!!!!! Going to IOI with Evy, Sherniz, Huishi, Yinsan, Eyin, Vivi and bla bla bla tomorrow, so excited!! I won't be able to sleep a all tonight x) Oh my gosh! i have no idea what i'm gonna wear tmr >< Evy suggested bikini LOL!!! xD

Haihh~ I must play as much as i can tomorrow cause next year i'll be form 2 and in afternoon class!! I wont be able to see Evy, Huishi,Sherniz and yan pooi cause they're older than me by 1 year. >< And worst of all, my maths and science might be changed to Bm. Omg, i'm gonna die next year if that happens TT
Goverment, Y U NO MAKE UP UR MIND AND LET US STUDY??!! ლ(ಠ益ಠლ

Besides that, my class teacher gave us our class picture :D YAY!!

look so serious O_O

HAHA so messy xD <3 Sorry i capture this in an ugly angle ><
That's all for now,
And if you're ever depress or feel useless 
Just remember...............You were the fastest sperm out of hundreds xD
Sorry that was random and gross 
byebye <3

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