Monday, November 21, 2011

Happy Boring day!

Another boring day,  don't know what the hell am i gonna do @@ Fb and youtube all day,  and i just made a troll comic! it's not funny at all but i like seeing the troll faces xD Trolls are awesome! Just like me x) jk larhh
here here see my lame troll comic xD

So anyway, i'm still clueless about why i have so many haters... or is it just that 1 hater making lame yet funny names? xD  Whatever, i'll just have to move on with my life xP  Haha yesterday was 2011 2011. Soooooo many ppl got married while i was sitting alone at home waiting for something that would nvr come! (a bf) :D but anyway GXGX to all married couples or normal couples <3 :)

I don't care about relationships!  Cause i'm awesome xDD Single is fun and we have FREEDOM!!!

Oh who am i kidding?! i'll just sit here eating my sad tub of ice-cream ;'D
that's all i have

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