Saturday, October 29, 2011

Wtf? = =

Yeahhh, i bet lots of you readers hate me.... But seriously, I HAVE NO IDEA WHY??!! Can i please ask you, Why do you leave such mean comments? What have i ever done to you?  Okay, i admit i'm not a perfect girl that is loved by everyone, but i would like to know why you hate me so much? It fugging irritates me every time i think of your post on my chatbox!! \

Dude are you totally lifeless? Can you please Get the fug out of my blog if you hate it so much? I mean, i know it's not interesting but please show some respect larhhh.....Really larhh please.....BTW please improve on your English before you call me dumb :P

Really? no other names mehh?? stupid people.... if  you wanna say things like that to me then write it in the comment section below, that way we can be OFFICIAL ENEMIES!!! You know who i am, and i know who you are :)

that's all,
bye xP

1 comment:

  1. Wow. If you just don't say anything at all, you wouldn't look so much like an immature 13 year old. That's why people are making fun of you, because that's what you really are seeming like. If you just ignore the haters who just want to torment you for their own amusement to see what else you can say, you would actually literally look more mature by just ignoring them. Honestly their username isn't stupid at all. It's a USERNAME. It could be anything, even a bunch of random letters. I've honestly never ever heard of a "stupid" username.