Thursday, October 27, 2011

New boring post~

Hello my blog readers x) I'm Skype-ing with Xiiao yee while blogging.
Anyway, exams are CONTINUE-ING /.\ feel like dying, i've been studying (i know, = = it's hard to imagine) maybe i'll be able to be in a better class next year :D, my current class kinda sucks! i mean, my friends are great but the fcking bitches and teachers are so annoying! Teachers hate me!! I don't want them to hate me T^T ..........................unless i hate them xD hehehe!! *acting cute LOL xDD

Here's some pics of that awesome friday and Eyin's house~ xD

WAKAKAKA look at that shy boy! xD

DAMN!! look at that creepy cat >< my god~~

Haha i stayed at Eyin's house from 12pm till about 6pm? hate LOTS of  fun!!
Nothing much to say now, see ya next time xD bye!!

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