Thursday, October 20, 2011


Stop hating on me just cause you're jealous :P
bitches and bastards like you have no social life at all, that's the only reason why you post such mean comments. And look! you're anonymous too! Get a life man, if you don't have the courage to even put your name then don't even bother to write such a nasty comment. GSY!! (go screw yourself)

Anyways, besides that loser :P, i have other enemies >:)
i hate this really smelly, short, disgusting and brainless girl xP She really hates me.....
One time she called me fa qiao and xiao qi. At that time i was already really damn moody, I tried to tahan, but really damn beh song her xD so i said "shi nv sheng dou fa qiao de la, hui ni de lapsap jia zuo ji la, ni lai xue xiao zuo me o? " haha, i wanted to say more but i'm not that bad xD

RAWHH i hate seeing her~! I'm forced to see her everyday! kill me please!!
btw exams started! I'm gonna try my best!! good luck to SPM students jyjy byeeee!!

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