Sunday, September 18, 2011

New Blog Skin x)

hello, thanks for viewing my blog, :)
you're an idiot if you didn't noticed that i changed my blog skin and added a cute little cursor ;)  nahh,i'm just kidding. You probably didn't know that cause it's your first time viewing my blog =) if not then you're blind xD
hehehe x)

I'm now in love with my blog cause my awesome sister, Eunice made it beautiful x)) 
what? idc if you think it's ugly. =P i love it no matter what!! hehe. So let's see what happen lately, hmmmm well,  i fell in love and out of love cause of a lame dude. I'm really afraid he's reading this now. O_O
LOL i bet he won't even know it's him!! *evil laugh muahahaha xD 

Anyway, thanks you reading my lame yet awesome post =D I bet you though it was over! HA!!! It's not over yet boys and girls. for all standard 6 students, AWESOME UPSR is over!! xD But for form3 and form5 students, u just need to tahan a bit more, almost over =DD

haha that's all i have to say now, 11.30pm now tmr got school!!
thanks for reading <3 xD

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