Friday, September 30, 2011

My baby sister x)

So last week my baby sister, Eueve caught dengue fever, 
It started out like this,  last Saturday, Eueve felt sick so we assume it was just a normal fever, but slowly it got worse. Her body temperature was increasing. A few days past and she wasn't getting better, so my dad and mom decided to bring her to the clinic, i wasn't there so i didn't know what the doctor said. All i know is that a day later she was in the hospital with dengue fever. She caught it before once at our old house but after we moved everyone seemed healthy until this situation came up. We were all surprised, 
bla bla bla lazy to write now~ Her palette was about 19, she went into ICU i know you all also lazy to read larh, after a day in ICU she got better and came out the day after THE END :DD

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