Saturday, September 24, 2011


I hate being in secondary school cause of all the damn projects and folios!!
So frustrating, folio after folio after folio then project after project after project~ *sigh
i'm doing my geography folio now... i just drew "DEUUAUGH fish" on it xD if you don't know what it is search youtbe xD it's awesome xD

the 1 i drew is ugly right? xDD

 I told you it was awesome! xD hehe, so free now just adding a few random cartoons on my folio, my teacher will surely be angry and scold the living hell out of me xD but IDC xD
haha, so besides hating the study part of school, i hate.....just about everything else ><
the guys are jerks, the girls are bitches and the teacher hates me /.\
AIYA~ mei you jiang kua zhang larhh xD there still some guys and gals that are kinda awesome xD almost every friend i have are awesome, YES I'M TALKING ABOUT YOU!! gan dong ma? :DD  Haha but like every other teenager, i have enemies too, YEAH! i'm talking about u bitch =P wth are u doing reading my blog anyway!? joking larh xD  I know that sluts can't read xDD  LOL!! I'm so mean xD
I know you're saying things behind my back but you know what? that's cause you have no life dude, get a life and stay out of mine =)

Hahaha love me or hate me, you'll never change me x)
If you ever love somebody put your hands up!!
that's all for now, sorry no pics in this post =(

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