Wednesday, August 24, 2011

OMG!!! sorry bloggie~

Finally!! Time to revive me blog!
I need a doctor~ call me a doctor~ i need a doctor~ doctor~ to bring my blog back to life xD
Eunice~ can u fix up my blog for me? TT 

So let's see what happen so far.....hmmm...... i cut my hair neck length. My hair has been like that for a long time now. sorry again paiseh~ poor bloggie =/

OMG! i'm eating hair xDDD

Besides cutting my hair, i'm almost finishing my 3rd exam, wow time flies when YOU'RE SO BORED @@
LOL and i just realized my last post was about my 2nd exam. xD 
haih~ my blog sucks =( but i promise i'll make it pretty :DD COMING SOON!!!

Buahahaha, i really hate useless people like me x) 
don't even try to console me xP 

that's all for now and i PROMISE i will update SOON bye   

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