Saturday, March 12, 2011

My friend =]

After looking at that status you posted, i felt so hurt inside. like our friendship was over. tears flowed down my face.Every time i hear your name i feel angry but still hoping you would say sorry, day by day i stare at my phone waiting for a call or text or anything. but then i remembered you phone is out of credit. And i know you have all your pride and you will never apologize. All i know is that i'm not gonna be the one to say sorry this time, not because of my pride, but because i care about you enough to  know that you will do whats right. but if you don't, its fine. i hope we can be friends again soon.

BUT for the record,can you give me a reason why i should apologize?
these are the reasons i think you would say.....
1)Because i removed you as a friend?
nope, i won't apologize for that, Because the last time we fought. You remove Me as a friend. so isn't it fair now is it?
2)Because i was LC?
dear~ everyone is lc, even you.
3)Because i said bad things about you on my status?
you can blame me for that, cause you made me angry. and you did the same

okay enough now here are my reasons.....
1)Because the last time we fought i was joking around with you then you got angry, but  now you were
joking a round with me and you got angry cause i was angry, but why can't i get angry? i'm not just a toy you
can play and think it has no feeling okay?
2)You were rude to me when i was angry, remember? at the end of my phone call?
3)You called me lc a lot of times, i tried to stay calm but now i can't.

不要生气, i did not post this for you to be angry. If you read this and understand. then thank you!!

to me i thought you were my best friend, but i guess not.........
i cried while writing this post, but you won't cry reading it =]

wendy the lc girl =]

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