Saturday, February 19, 2011

Many Many Topics!!! XD


HEY, sorry, i haven't been blogging AT ALL this month, the reason why i'm blogging now is because my sister,eunice keeps nagging me to update my blog = =" BTW thanks eunice!! 

So, i don't usually put ANY pics on my blog posts, but i'm gonna start now =D cause i know how boring it looks without any pics XP LOL~~ LOOK its seung ri!!! >O< Arh!!!! from "what can i do" mv xD ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

oh yea~ did i mention that.... I'M IN FORM1 NOW!!!! ARHHHHH!!!! I know, you don't believe it~~ BUT ITS TRUE!!!! i should be happy, but form1 school work is hard >< haiz!!! what to do?? hmm~ i need to study hard!! FOR REAL THIS TIME!!! 

HAHA and i almost forgot, HAPPY BELATED VALENTINES DAY!!! HEHE nobody gave me any chocolates or flowers XP kinda sad, don't you think?? XD hahax

 HAHAX and these are the animals of my house LOL ~~ nothing else to say adi SO GOODBYE!!

till next time
wendy muacks

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