Friday, January 7, 2011

i'll try to make it short XP


As you all know, school has started XP , since i did't write anything YET this month i'm gonna write now!!! i hope its not too late ><

So now i know what class i'm in, i'm in..........REMOVE (peralihan) 
and the worse part is that i can't be in the same school as my sis!! she is in morning class and i'm in afternoon class.I'm so damn sad :'( but like people say there's no use crying over spilled milk :) i'll try to transfer to her school!!! wish me luck!!

Now on to the week of school, as you all know today is friday, and its the end of the week, HEEHEE 

On the first, second , third day of school was BORING!!! Well, not that boring, i had a friend from my old school to be with me,that's good. But nothing social happened.....   

UNTIL!!!   TODAY, a few form 2 girls came up to me, they said HI and asked what my name was!!! LOL i was a little scared and surprised!!! 

Haha but if they knew what class i was in they wound't be so interested xD 
Because a lot of people in secondary school looks down on remove classes, i feel ashamed......

for those who don't understand any part of this post, feel free to TALK TO ME 

Well thats all thanks for reading!
sorry there were no pics 
i didn't have any XP 


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  1. I didn't look down you..haha!!!
    Edit it to 1 Akasia mar... xD