Tuesday, November 30, 2010

RAH!!!! I'm a monster!!! a scary food stealing monster!!!

Heyy people! sorry that i haven't been updating my blog. usually i would be making an excuse why i didn't update it but this time i'm gonna be honest, I'M A LAZY GIRL!!!

So anyway, I'm spending the whole week an my cousin's house :D yay!!
BUT i really miss my family :'( *sad*
but i gotta admit its kinda fun ^___^ i think almost all there food are gone MUAHAHAHA XD

Back to the story, so yesterday me and joern (my cousin) was playing cards like crazy, and then suddenly we had an idea to have a contest, the challenge was to see who could take the most ugly picture, in the end she won.....

NOTE TO SELF : NEVER challenge joern to something crazy cause she will always WIN!!!! O_O

After that we played barbie dolls, i know, its childish but we had nothing better to do
Joern cut the hair off the ken doll HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

He looked like big bang's tae yang XDDDDDD Eunice, when you fetch me home then i let you see, sibeh funny XD

that's all for now byee readers :D

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