Saturday, July 3, 2010

HEYY! yesterday was my cousin JOWIE's birthday.I wanted to wish him then, but he was at camp...SO his coming over today to celebrate his 15th birthday! i know its kinda weird for the birthday boy to becoming over instead of us going there.I know its weird...but it wasn't my idea == i think it was my auntie's idea or my mom's,

Anyways, remember when i said i wanted to talk about a person, the truth is....there is no person, i made it up so people would view my blog~sorry if i trick you...But do you notice that nobody actually reads my blog? i think i need to put more pics so here's the first one in a long time ^^

like it? its my facebook pic~yes i have facebook...
Speaking of facebook....The teacher of my school is very nosy!!!
last friday, when i was getting my report card, my teacher made some comments about my recent facebook pic...she told my mom that i should put those sexy photos~sexy? what i put on facebook is my problem!! so for those nosy teachers out there, stop butting into me or anyones life cuz its NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!

thank you
by Euwern :D

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  1. No true... i have been reading your blog...!!