Monday, June 28, 2010

heyy people!! long time no see huh?
the only reason why i even remember to update my blog is because of the stupid alarm i set yesterday.....== i'm so lame...

well anyways....have you seen my blog? and have you notice the change? if you haven't it means your either blind or you never read my blog till now, if u chose never read my blog till now then congrats!!! you get a chance to spread the word about my blog!!! and that goes for the blind too~ lol ^_^

enough with the intro.....
Today me and my friend was in the canteen and we saw the b**ch of my school......she has lots of enemies and lots of friends, i wont call them friends....more like people that hate her but are also scared of her.
i don't really know her that well so i don't judge....kinda @_@ but my other friend REALLY hate her dunno why~ BACK TO THE STORY so we passed by her and act as we saw nothing....even though i don't know her,she is a real bi*ch. i've seen her in school maybe 10000 times. and everytime i see her she's always with the boys....=='''

sometimes i envy her for having all those friends, not just that! she also has good grades,she's sporty,thin,pretty(KINDA),and i'm sad.....

well after all that nonsense, we finally finish school and i went home. i have more things to say about today its about a person but i don't wanna wast your time ;P

remember, i love you as much as candy which is alot, don't wast it =]

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