Saturday, April 10, 2010

Hello! do u remember me?? you dont?

i'm euwern!!! the girl who likes candy!! dont tell u forget...because if u did i would be very very sad....just kidding! i would't even care if u forgot.Anyways, i have realized that not much people read my blog, so if u have any ideas please tell me even if its stupid or dumb . please dont be shy to tell me=)
i have nothing to say now because nothing happen,so...let's talk about April fools...

okay, last week was april fools, i did't trick anyone because no one would belive me and fall for the trick.

first i saw my friend tricking a guy she told him his zipper was open. eveyone laughed i dont even know why, that trick is so lame, ==

second, my other friend trick a guy by saying i love u, after that she waited for his reaction and then said "APRIL FOOLS" some ppl laughed. but not me :)
so far nobody trick me yet and it was almost the end of the day. not that i wanted to get tricked or anything!!! i just felt left out ==

school was already over and i got on the van that would take me home, some of u might notl know that i have a bottle that sprays water when u press it. so anyway i was on the van and i droped my bottle on the floor and i asked a guy sitting in front of me to pick it up. he was a friend of mine. he picked it up and said: eww do u still dare to drink the water! with a very convincing face . i looked straight into the hole of the bottle and HE SPRAYED ME WITH MY OWN BOTTLE and said APRIL FOOLS. i was angry on the outside but happy on the inside.

you may think i am weird and i am. but i am happy and thats all that matters.

peace!! bye<3

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