Wednesday, February 3, 2010


hi ppl......Do u know why i change it from ilovecandy-wern to forevereuwern? there are 3 reasons......
1) it is short and easy to remember
2)it is like forever 21 :)
3)it......has my NAME!!!!

Today i finished my homework at school so i could go home at relax.... just then i remembered that i needed some pencils and i asked daddy to bring me to JUSCO, when he sent eunice to tuition, but it was raining heavily. once we got into the car and drove down a slop we saw a flood on the road.... i was so angry then and i think eunice was too. eunice was unhappy because..... well i dont really know but i hated that moment, if she is reading this then i'm so busted... anyways, it took us so long to get in that car i was wet, like taking a shower with my cloths on.but it was a bit refreshing, the rain water is dirty, i know but cooling...... after that i went in wearing my wet and cold long pants. errrrr sooooo cooollddd. i finaly took them of now i going to sleep its getting late bye.

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