Monday, January 11, 2010

Hey ppl . its me!!! EUWERN :)

today i am going to type like a how a little kid would talk READY? GO!
halo,me wanna eat yum yum for tum tum gugugaga poopie hehehe i got poopie mama werjkhvkdsksf
now this how a old lady talking READY? GO!
sonny! come here feed grandma some food!stop not with ur hands there dirty go wash them 30000 times Now sonny boy now feed me lower i said lower!!!bla bla bla..........
now me.....
so... what cha doing so... what cha doing so... what cha doing really? cool... and so on hehe

now time to blog,
sry if i wasted ur time bye making that but that was a test if u finnish reading it i means that u really wanna know me if u skip it then get the hell out of my blog!!

no la its okay....
this week was rough my family was talking about UPSR and i was scared.i am still scared because i am scared eunice gave up hope on me i hope not...

the good part is that....
mom said i could go out with my friends on my friends bday hehehe thats all for now remember i love u as much as i love candy

muaks bye
love euwern/xiaowen

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