Friday, January 29, 2010

hey everyone i'm very tired i feel like sleeping

but i wont, i feel depress for some reason i think its because i haven touch my facebook for two days its a record! and its also because i feel like i dont know any of eunice frenz.....
i know what ur are thinking then get ur own frenz la!
but its not that easy, well....maybe it is but some times ur not really sure if their real or not.

NOW, enough of this mushy story and lets get to work! by work i mean blog
today i went to cally house ate some cheese cake . what!? i not that fat, then help out by making some cookies and then blog see now thats a day how tired can i be u ask? well... I NEVER WORKED THIS HARD BEFORE!

tomorow i dont think i have any plans so i will be sleeping like my dad see ya later or maybe in a year..... byez

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