Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hey ppl, i guess you're thinking why there is a picture of G-Dragon up there(a member of big bang). well thats because my sis eunice likes him, wait not like, LOVE. It all started when she heard a song called Haru-Haru from MTV.afew days later she gone obsessed with him she talk about buying his solo album .(like thats going to happen.)HEY this is my blog why m i talking about eunice?!
Now about me,i like a guy too from big bang his name is sueng ri . he is 19 years old.i'm not obsessed just a fan.Well look at the time it's question time!how well do u know GD? lets find out .what is GD's real name ? take your time..........
time's up!!! the answer is ji yong.well i'm bored, i sometimes wonder why do i bother to even write a blog when nobody ever reads it nvm bye

love wern

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