Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Once upon a time, in a far away land.

I know i dont blog much, but I'm bored lo now.
I cant sleep, I'm just laughing about Eunice now. Because of her hair!! She use the headband to push all her hair up. When i see her, she makes me burst in tears and laughter xDD Ahahaha! She reminds me of Kazuma Azuma (a male) in the movie 'Yakitate Japan' on Astro channel 715. Go watch la, its a nice movie. OKOK, BACK TO MY STORY. My stomach really hurts now!! But she had to ruin the fun by poking my stomach and forcing me to look at her face. And when i looked at her face, i laugh even harder! Because i saw the lines on her forehead, her nose scrunch up in a piece of potato, and her eyebrows were like they have stick together already, and it looks like she has a mustache. hahahaah! After laughing for several minutes, i stopped and do this blog. Thank You for reading. Bye bye.


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